At the National Hotel, Angelo Sollazzo, president of that association, thanked the main authorities of the largest of the Antilles for their presence, and recalled the commendable work of the Cuban medical brigades in his country, during the toughest moments of the COVID-19 pandemic. the covid-19.

The central theme of the congress, which will take place until June 2, is Italian business, work and culture, bearers of development and peace.

The event, which this Tuesday also includes the presence of Juan Carlos García Granda, Minister of Tourism of Cuba, brings together representatives of the Italian government, Parliament, public and local organizations, as well as exponents of the world of culture, industry , economy and entertainment.

For years, Cuba and Italy have strengthened their historical ties of friendship with cooperation in different social, economic and cultural fields.

According to data offered by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, in the largest of the Antilles there are 45 representative offices of Italian companies and three businesses in the Mariel Special Development Zone.