With the consolidation of charcoal as a leading item in the international market and the identification of three other agricultural products, the Empresa Integral Agropecuaria (Agroint) Las Tunas is preparing to become the leading agricultural entity in foreign trade in this province, according to the Cuban News Agency.

Alberto González Hernández, general director of Agroint, explained to the news agency that although it began to venture into this modality in 2017, it is now time to start with more professionalism, especially in terms of the finished product.

In this sense, the projections are to select a first quality coal for retail sale in the countries where it is exported with formats of three, five and ten kilograms, as well as the rest of the product that results would be processed in the form of briquettes also for this purpose, he pointed out.

Gonzalez Hernandez also stated that the entity is working quickly to incorporate agricultural products as items abroad, such is the case of loquat, habanero chili pepper or hot pepper and Persian lemon, and later should include others such as banana donkey and other fruits and vegetables.

The process is complex due to the characteristics of the international market, but Agroint Las Tunas has already identified the leading producers who will join this activity,” he added, “and is working on the training of specialists with the advice of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, from the conception of brands to the attraction of potential clients.

In the next few days we should start exporting the first goods, an operation that is expected to be carried out through the Calixto García airport in Holguín, in order to guarantee the speed and correct handling of fresh local products such as those we want to market, the executive stressed.

Similarly, the company is committed to materialising, by 2023, a joint project with the University of Las Tunas to obtain dehydrated fruit and vegetables, which would provide an outlet for significant volumes of products that, for example, at harvest peaks, do not find an outlet in small and large industries due to objective shortcomings such as the lack of sugar.

Agroint Las Tunas intends, before the end of the year, to obtain the authority to carry out foreign trade directly, while it will take on the mission through eight export companies that are already authorised to operate in Cuba.