The tobacco harvest in Villa Clara is progressing at a favorable pace, according to statements made to ACN by Antonio Subí Pérez, general director of the province’s Tobacco Harvesting and Processing Company.

Subí Pérez pointed out that the company in general is complying with the plan since it had more than 99,400 harvested chunks with a performance higher than 100 percent of what was planned for the date.

He explained that they are achieving the amount of cujes per hectare (ha) in both the strung sun and covered tobacco, although they have not yet achieved favorable figures in the tobacco called “sol en palo” (sun on a stick).

Therefore, it is very important to achieve the agreed figure of cujes per hectare (ha) in the tobacco sol ensartado and tapado, he said.

Villa Clara has also become the second province in Cuba, after Sancti Spíritus, which produces more layers of tobacco for export, thanks to important achievements mainly in the area of covered tobacco.

At the close of the 20th day of the previous month they managed to fulfill the planting plan for the 2021-2022 campaign and exceeded 110 hectares (ha) of covered tobacco.

Among the most outstanding municipalities, Placetas stands out, a territory that some time ago did not reach 10 hectares for export and today exceeds 50 hectares for such endeavor and with several expectations for the next campaign, for which they will begin contracting in March.