Two processes currently coexist in the energy sector of our country: on the one hand, the complex situation of thermoelectric plants, from which maintenance and repairs that cannot wait are derived; on the other, the objective of completely transforming the generation matrix and giving 100% participation in it to renewable energies.

Although both urgencies are not contradictory, they do mean redoubling efforts, resources and also facing twice as many challenges, in order to achieve stability in the electricity service, now and in the future.

Both in one matter and in the other, Energoimport has a direct participation, as a company belonging to the Electric Union, with more than 40 years of experience, executing foreign trade operations related to the import and export of goods and supplies necessary for the maintenance and operation of the National Electric System.

This entity is behind the contracting, reception and delivery of generating units installed in thermoelectric plants, as well as the installation of electrical transmission lines and substations, and even generator sets.

It also plays an essential role in importing means, equipment and materials required for the construction of small photovoltaic and wind farms.

hydroelectric, and other technologies related to clean sources.

Héctor Lugo Graña, who currently serves as reserve for the general director of this entity, recently explained it that way.


The freshest news is the possibility of this importer to provide services to non-state management forms recognized in the country, in which it has been immersed since April, with the approval of the bank account for it.

In this regard, José Raúl Parra, a commercial specialist who deals with non-state forms of management, explained that work is being done on receiving applications; and, at the same time, in the conciliations with foreign suppliers, to have the merchandise in Cuba and that the clients can access the warehouses and buy directly.

There is already, he added, a consignment of photovoltaic systems for medium capacities, which are about to ship, and about which it will be disclosed later for the knowledge of the non-state sector.

He also specified that there are seven requests in the market, the signing of two contracts was pending, and more than 20 exchanges with clients have been carried out, both as part of the process of obtaining requests, and in the beginning of conversations to analyze the commercial terms and achieve the contract.


According to Alfredo Mujía Pérez, main specialist of Energoimport’s Renewable Energy Sources base business unit, since 2019 they began to receive supplies and photovoltaic systems for isolated homes, which the Electric System cannot access.

In that same year, he specified, 300 photovoltaic systems arrived for these cases, in 2020 there were 827, and now we are receiving the Chinese donation of 5,000, to install them throughout the country.

In that sense, Lugo Graña added, it has been around four years since the first actions were taken to provide this technology to nearly 16,000 homes in these conditions, so the current program has the purpose of perfecting many of the modules, that is, put more panels so that the energy reaches more equipment.

Work is also being done on hybrid modalities, that is, panels are incorporated into houses that are electrified by generator sets, and thus they can have the service for a longer time during the day.

The essential thing, Lugo Graña pointed out, is that the company works on all these purposes as well as contributing to the most immediate strategy that the country needs to implement: energy efficiency.

All the equipment and means that are imported today comply with such parameters, that is our mission –the director stressed–, but this concept also passes through the actions of people in their homes and in companies; it is everyone’s job, to make efficient use of electricity and save.