Expocaribe 2022, the second most important commercial exchange in Cuba after the Havana International Fair, will host this week in Santiago de Cuba 17 nations (a figure that can be increased), 260 companies from almost the entire country and some foreigners, and personalities foreign, according to an authorized source.

In statements to the Cuban News Agency, Janet Fernández Padilla, director of Trade Policy for Latin America and the Caribbean, of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (Mincex), recalled that the event had not been held since June 2019, due to to the COVID-19 pandemic, for which three years later it is resumed and with greater vigor, he said.

He stressed that this XVII edition, scheduled for June 23 to 26 in what is known as the Hero City, makes it possible to hold meetings that enhance and diversify trade and cooperation relations, for the benefit of the development of the economies of the eastern provinces, although there will also be other Well, there are 11, and the Greater Caribbean region, which includes Mexico.

Two momentous events give Expocaribe 2022 a special touch, he said, the first is that we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the ties between Caricom (Caribbean Community) and Cuba, and with all its member states, in addition to those of the Greater Caribbean .

“We share similar challenges and goals in many fields, and at the same time we want to establish mutually beneficial development strategies.”

The second thing, the interviewee specified, is that African countries will attend, our brothers, as well as companies and representatives from Asia and traditional partners from Europe, with the intention of exploring business opportunities and strengthening commercial ties of benefit to all parties.

According to the director of Trade Policy for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Mincex, so far 17 nations will attend the event, a figure that can be increased and that includes not only the Greater Caribbean; for example, there are Portugal, Spain, Vietnam, Ghana, Italy and Gambia, he argued.

Regarding personalities who come to the event, Fernández Padilla mentioned the Minister of State Franklin Witter, from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Jamaica, along with a group of businessmen; and the Honduran ministers Rixi Moncada, from Finance; and Ricardo Salgado, from Strategic Planning and Project Monitoring.

Also attending Expocaribe will be Ricardo Sánchez, Vice Minister of Productive Economy of Venezuela; David Zobda, Mayor of Lametin and Vice President of the Territorial Council of Martinique, and a group of ambassadors accredited in Havana, including the representation of the United Nations Organization.

The official stressed that in addition to the presentation of the Portfolio of Business Opportunities with foreign investment and the exportable supply of Cuban goods and services, five panels will be held during the fair.

One of them on the potential and opportunities for this purpose in the eastern region of Cuba towards the Greater Caribbean, another on the main transformations of the Cuban economy with the new economic actors, and a third on the production and export of medicines and vaccines in the largest of the Antilles, patient care in national medical institutions and health tourism.

A fourth panel will deal with the advantages of applying multi-destination tourism among the countries of the Greater Caribbean for the benefit of the region and the possibilities that Cuba offers, and the last one will deal with agriculture and climate change in the Caribbean.