Our two countries can contribute through their legal collaboration on environmental law to put the region in a better position to face common challenges, Lambert told Prensa Latina.

Among these challenges, he cited the increase in the strength and frequency of hurricanes, rising sea levels, the invasion of sargasso on beaches and marine pollution from plastic.

According to the parliamentarian, it is under this vision that he plans to hold the online forum on 31 January from the French National Assembly, hosted by his friendship group with Cuba.

It is important and necessary for French and Cuban experts to promote joint work in the Caribbean, a part of the world with a rich and at the same time fragile biodiversity, exposed to the attack of climate change, stressed the president of the friendship group, one of the largest in the Bourbon Palace.

Lambert defended regional cooperation from an environmentalist stance, far removed from the projection that subordinates nature to the economy, such as that wielded by the United States.

In this sense, we intend to help the Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in the Caribbean to build common lines on environmental law, he said.