The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, insisted on the link between the knowledge sector and the business system based on the development of scientific and innovative thinking, the Presidency’s website reported today. In a recent meeting between the country’s highest leadership and representatives of state entities, the president stressed the need to take advantage of the potential and experience of scientific-technological parks, and use them in the productive sphere.According to a local television report, Díaz-Canel emphasized a direct relationship that allows productive entities to demand scientific research to solve different problems.he director of the Havana Scientific-Technological Park Company, Rafael Luis Torralbas, highlighted the advantages of these entities, which function as an ecosystem for the incubation and execution of research, development and innovation projects.Another meeting point at the Palace of the Revolution in the capital was the use of renewable energy sources (RES) and the efficient use of electricity in the Cuban business system.Prime Minister Manuel Marrero recognized the achievements in this regard, but commented that much remains to be done in this area, for which he pointed out the urgency of promoting investments and advancing quickly in the programs.The Cuban government seeks to strengthen variants, especially sustainable ones, to solve energy problems in the face of clean mechanisms, and the country has the aspiration of reaching 2030 with 37 percent of the energy generated from RES.