The representative of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Havana, Marcelo Resende, praised to the press the transformations in the agri-food systems that Cuba is promoting.

The delegate declared that these guidelines are in line with the postulates of the 37th Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean, which is taking place until next Friday in Quito, Ecuador, reports the Prensa Latina news agency.

He also referred to the forthcoming speech by the Cuban Minister of Agriculture, Idael Pérez, on Wednesday, at the aforementioned event on actions to improve production, nutrition, the environment and quality of life in terms of food and nutritional security and sovereignty.

He highlighted the programmes approved for the decentralisation of agricultural policies and plans to achieve a more horizontal agriculture with the participation of the territories from the decisions to the concrete strategies that result in the production, marketing and consumption of rural products. He also highlighted the adoption in Cuba of the Plan for Food Sovereignty and Nutritional Education and the draft Law on Food and Nutritional Sovereignty and Security.

In recent times, FAO had turned its attention to sustainable food systems to provide healthy diets for all, labour for prosperous and inclusive rural societies, and sustainable and resilient agriculture.