Just one month after the 17th edition of the ExpoCaribe International Fair, it should be noted that one of its main objectives is to increase exports and reduce imports, said sources related to the organization of the event to be held in June in Santiago de Cuba.The director of development of the provincial government, Madelaine Cortés, declared that the event is an opportunity for both purposes, to the extent that Covid-19 has given way in epidemiological behavior in the midst of a complex economic situation.
ExpoCaribe will offer the opportunity to develop the potential of various economic sectors, mainly in the eastern Cuban provinces, and in their connection with Caribbean countries, the natural setting par excellence of these links. The construction materials industry, coffee cultivation —widely cultivated in eastern Cuba—, fishing and tourism, the latter with notable development possibilities, are some of the most potential sectors.
The event will take place at the Heredia Convention Center, between June 23 and 26.