Yesterday morning, a working meeting was held between representatives of the Nueva Pescanova Group and ProCuba. The appointment, which took place virtually, is the result of sustained collaborative work with the Bussiness France agency (and its headquarters in Madrid) and constitutes one of the actions of the Investment Prospecting Mission in Spain.
The meeting was chaired, on the Cuban side, by the director of ProCuba, Roberto Verrier, and José María Benavent, director of Nueva Pescanova, on the Spanish side.
In the exchange, investment possibilities in the agri-food sector were projected. The company has vast experience, mainly in the aquaculture sector.
The possibility of investing in national sea products was discussed, for the benefit of the basic food basket; as well as the projection of strengthening the sales of Cuban products in the Spanish and foreign markets.
During the meeting, a cordial invitation was extended to Pescanova to participate as exhibitors in the next edition of FIHAV, in November 2022.