Macizo de guamuhaya, Cienfuegos-The rhythm of the 2021-2022 coffee harvest in the Escambray mountains of Cienfuegos is expected to surpass the 579 tons of cherry coffee planned, and could reach 600 tons.

Workers at the Eladio Machín coffee processing company in Cumanayagua are speeding up the completion of a harvest whose fruit is of the highest quality, as the Crystal Mountain variety is obtained here – the only place in the country where it is planted – which is in high demand on the international market, especially in Japan.

Omar Bermúdez Sánchez, director of the company, highlighted the organisation of the work and the optimal use of resources, fundamentally the strategy developed in the use of transport for haulage and transport, both by car and by mule teams, or other means of animal traction.

Regarding planting, the official commented that the objective is to make up for the delays in the nursery campaign as soon as possible, in order to guarantee an excellent posture.

They are also working on the categorisation of producers and on inventories in the fields, to determine how many plants are missing in the coffee plantations, with the intention of repopulating, between this year and next, the entire available agricultural area.

The company itself is responsible for the industrial processing of 600 tonnes of coffee, of which 300 tonnes are destined for domestic consumption, 90 tonnes for export and the rest for domestic sales.