NUEVA GERONA, Isla de la Juventud.— When many people see youth as an impediment to managing successfully in the State business sector, Violeta Rivero Fundora, with little more than three decades of life, demonstrates that being an entrepreneurial businesswoman is not a matter of old.

This native of Villa Clara and a geologist by training since 2012, has managed in nearly two years to transform the management of the Geominera company into one of the most efficient in the local environment, with innovative methods that include the application of the 43 measures approved for that sector in Cuba.

Reasons for the young woman to dialogue with Juventud Rebelde about her performance in this special municipality, her vocation to direct, perspectives and nostalgia for family separation.

—How do you insert yourself to lead in such a large and complex ministry?

—The Ministry of Energy and Mines began working with a group of young people about four years ago, at the beginning we were more than 50. We met every three months to evaluate our performance. In the OSDE (Higher Business Management Organizations) Geominsal there were a dozen young people who were given specific tasks to consolidate knowledge and skills.

«We were working according to the interests of the Ministry and in process management tasks and other production areas, an activity that was systematically evaluated, and in the end we were left with two. The other is the director of Geominera Camagüey.

«I graduated in 2012. I was president of the FEU at the University of Pinar del Río, where my career is the only one studied, and since then it seems that they “had me in their sights” for some qualities they observed. Later I was director of the only underground mine in the country, located in Placetas, a gold mine, and then I was head of Geology at Geominera Centro, from where I was assigned to come to the Island for two years».

—What panorama do you find when you arrive here and how do you project yourself?

—When we arrived the company was in very bad conditions. The first thing was to form a work team. There are many young people here who want to do things and do them well.

«The most difficult thing was the change of mentality, and the slowness that existed in the management. I don’t know if in other parts of Cuba it is faster and without violating the processes. For example: if you had to pick up a stone truck today at 12 noon, they told you that they would pick it up tomorrow, and that slowed down production. That is why we intend to make better use of the working day.

“In my case, it helps that I don’t have a family here and I can spend most of my time on homework; but even so, it goes through a difficult process, since we do not have mining equipment (bulldozer, retro, large loaders) and we depend on third parties: when they have the time to respond to our demand… especially on weekends, when the rest rests, we have to work.

“This reality has led us to carry out a detailed study of the schedules of third parties to make better use of time in favor of our management. And it is cumbersome, because the planning of the work does not depend on you, but it is possible to do it».

How complex was the application of the 43 measures?

—In order to assume and apply them successfully, we first receive training from the OSDE. It was then that we saw all the opportunities we had, and the first important step we took was to change the corporate purpose of the company. That was the light, as we were operating at a loss until August 2020.

“Until then we only had wholesale as a source of income. We have already started retailing, which also brings its problems, but it offers daily liquidity for expenses, like at home, and better planning.

«When we reviewed measure by measure, we started with the payment systems for workers with the progressive piecework modality and by agreement (now they are more motivated), and we diversified the productions: in addition to making mortar, block, gravel, sand… we offer another 18 permanent assortments in the market, as we incorporate others with great demand, such as seasoned salt, degreaser, cologne, paint… There we chained ourselves and began to make industrial productions.

“Another transformation was hiring company workers in their free time to do other jobs, especially in the area of ​​mechanics and sheet metal, and that has encouraged them to work with quality. Today they show a better state of mind and a sense of belonging to the company, since they see their professional aspirations fulfilled, in addition to the fact that attention to workers is fundamental for us, both in terms of food and other offers».

—How many things have you had to give up to be a leader?

—Giving up none, but limiting myself to many. For example, I’ve been away from home for more than 15 years, my mom is crazy for me to come back, but I don’t know if there will be another task when I finish this one. With them (my family) I communicate daily, but being far away is very strange, although one adapts.

«Directing is difficult, and if you are young much more, because there are things at that age that are limited, such as going to clubs, going to the beach frequently or others… If you want your work to be good, you have to dedicate a lot of time to it» .

What advice would you give to other young leaders?

—The first is to have dedication, will and desire to do things. Be an example and try to surround yourself with people with capacity, knowledge and a positive attitude. Make team…

«The success that the Geominera company exhibits today in Isla de la Juventud is thanks to the consolidation of a work team; so everything flows. We change the way we work and people look more inspired and cooperative for the collective good.”

Violeta is one of those who think and believe that geologists are dreamers; That is why he confessed that he still has many things to do professionally. He aspires to have his own house and complete a doctorate that he started when he was 25 years old. Enjoy the music of Joaquín Sabina, Joan Manuel Serrat and Ana Belén. She is almost at the end of her mission in this special municipality, where she has already prepared her replacement, and she still looks restless, resolute, friendly, serious, controlling and, above all, as an example.