On his Twitter account, the president condemned a new manoeuvre that blocked donations from a delegation of Progressive International, which was to travel to Havana to support free access to Covid-19 vaccines, promoted by Cuba.

The Dutch bank ING prevented the initiative, according to a communiqué sent to Prensa Latina the day before by the solidarity organisation.

“We will resist, we will live. #CubaVive”, Díaz-Canel wrote on the digital platform about the illegal policy, which on 3 February marks six decades since it was made official by the signing of executive order 3447 by then president John F. Kennedy.

Progressive International launched a fundraising campaign weeks ago to finance a trip to Havana for a special briefing on Cuba’s efforts to produce its own Covid-19 vaccines and its desire to share them with the world.

The event, scheduled for 25 January, which is part of the Union for Vaccine Internationalism promoted by Progressive International, would be attended by Cuban scientists, ministers and public health officials.

A spokesperson for this organisation assured Prensa Latina that, despite the blockade, the plans to hold the meeting in the Cuban capital remain unchanged.

The text sent to this news agency states that the decision taken by the Dutch bank demonstrates the extraterritorial scope of the unilateral measure imposed by Washington, which seeks not only to asphyxiate Cuba, but also to hinder international solidarity with that country.