FORMER, a collaborative project between the governments of Cuba and Canada, is committed to strengthening the leadership and participation of women in the renewable energy sector on the Caribbean island, with the aim of contributing to improving the living conditions of vulnerable communities and their homes, where women are heads of households.

The mining municipality of Moa, to the east of the province of Holguín, will be the most benefited from the project, where the International Cooperation Agency of Canada, Sherritt International Corporation, Cowater International and the Electricity Company of the territory intervene; who are joined by researchers and students from the University of Holguín.

Thalía Viltres Ramos, a third-year Mechanical Engineering student, a member of the project, stated that La Melba, an intricate community in the Moense region, will be the epicenter of FORMER’s actions:
“With the premise of protecting the environment, solar panels will be installed in houses and farms, as well as solar water heaters in health and social welfare facilities, and a small hydroelectric plant will be rehabilitated.

In addition, a demonstrative solar park will be built at the University of Moa, so that students and the community in general learn about its operation”.

Contributing to the inclusion of women in the development of an energy sector mainly dominated by men, while women feel its impact on the social development of their communities and on their personal, professional and economic growth is the maxim that it defends this project.

FORMER is inserted in the Cuban geography at a time when the country implements a policy to increase electricity generation with Renewable Sources up to 24 percent, before 2030, which will allow less dependence on fossil fuels.