Promoting projects for the change of the energy matrix in Cuba towards the use of renewable energy sources is the main objective of the second edition of the International Renewable Energy Fair, which will take place from June 22 to 24 at the Pabexpo fairgrounds in Havana.

Liván Arronte Cruz, Minister of Energy and Mines, specified at a press conference that initiatives that contribute to Cuban energy sovereignty and the use of clean and environmentally friendly energies will be presented at the event.

He stated that proposals dedicated to the rational use of energy resources will be promoted, which have a positive impact on the quality of that service to the population.

Arronte Cruz stressed that the fair will also promote foreign investment in the energy sector and support for country-level plans regarding three types of energy: solar, sugarcane biomass and wind.

He also stressed that projects linked to the use of renewable sources for local development, in the industrial and services sectors, will be promoted.

The Minister of Energy and Mines mentioned that the universities and research centers will show their innovations and scientific-technical services related to the topic.

He said that among the expectations of the fair is the strengthening of alliances and capacities to accelerate the transition process towards energy autonomy, in order to minimize the expenses that currently exist for electricity generation.

The Sustainable Development Agenda until 2030 promotes in its seventh objective the use of affordable and non-polluting energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, consequently, mitigate the effects of climate change.

Cuba aspires, for that period, to make a leap in the use of renewable energies based on the use of its main natural advantages such as the sun, the winds and sugarcane biomass.