The promotion of the services and products of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), which are gaining strength in the country, mark today the second day of the III Cuba Food International Fair 2022.
Together with these non-state forms of management, self-employed workers who intervene in the food industry are joined in a favorable space to encourage concrete results in food production, in alliance with the state company and with those of private capital.
Proof of this is the family chocolate maker Duque, an MSME dedicated to the production of chocolates, whose vice president Yadira Ducas told Prensa Latina that since 2020 they have been making products with chocolate paste supplied by Stella S.A, a mercantile company of the Coralsa Corporation of the Ministry of the Food Industry.
Like this productive chain, the entity benefits from others with the MSMEs Dehydrated Habana and Maní de Pánfilo, a way to acquire raw materials and substitute imports in the manufacture of more than 35 pumps for the national market at very reasonable prices, which are remains unchanged since it started.
Ducas commented, it is about selling in Cuban pesos even when production costs are high, so that a working mother can buy a chocolate for her son with her salary.
Duque works with commercial managers through social networks, who promote offers through Facebook, Telegram and Instagram, and receive orders for the subsequent delivery of products through home services, until a store for sale to the public is available. , accurate.
In its endorsement as MSMEs, it has the possibility of joining state companies and being part of a local development project in the Havana municipality of October 10, in addition to carrying out social works in homes for the elderly and children without affiliate protection and children’s activities. and in workplaces.
Duque was awarded a gold medal for superior quality at the First Local Development Fair in Havana, held from March 28 to April 3 as an initiative of the Cuban capital.
When talking about the future of his small company, he linked it to the economic possibilities of the country itself, very aware of inflation, stability in the acquisition of raw materials and the recovery of the national and international market, although he trusts the slogan that they promote “happiness knows a chocolate”.
In its perspectives is to venture into confectionery, baking and ice cream manufacturing with an efficient, sustainable, sustainable and socially responsible management model.

Launch of new products
The director of Commercial Intelligence and Export of Alimpex, importer and exporter at the service of the Food Industry, Yetibe Barada, also commented to Prensa Latina about the entity’s participation in the fair.
With around 800 clients in the country, including self-employed workers, non-agricultural cooperatives and MSMEs, Alimpex increased the nomenclature of products available to them in order to respond to their needs.
Previously we only worked with the import of parts and pieces, raw materials and supplies, but we expanded the lines on offer to meet the demands of these new players, Barada said.
The specialist pointed out that they also work with them in the identification of products with potential for sale abroad, as well as in the exploration of the most appropriate markets.
Growing in exports is one of the challenges of the entity, which currently markets some rums and fruit preserves outside borders, among other items.
Further diversifying the list of suppliers is also an aspect that continues to be a priority, according to the directive.
Precisely one of these partners, the Italian company Lotus, manufacturer of gastronomic equipment, showed its portfolio of possible offers.
The president of the company, Alan Dal Pos, told Prensa Latina that in Cuba they have worked in the tourism sector together with the ITH marketer, which allowed them to reach facilities such as the emblematic Hotel Nacional, where they assembled kitchen equipment designed by measure.
The emergence of MSMEs and other actors in the country opened up new possibilities, he pointed out, and they are currently working together with Alimpex to try to bring their proposals to these potential clients.
For this, they offer different options of professional equipment with a guarantee of spare parts, they also have the advantage of having a representative on the island, to which they grant preferential prices.
The Cuba Food International Fair 2022 will run until Thursday at Pabexpo, and on its first day it fulfilled an intense program of launching new products and presenting business offers, among other actions.
On a biannual basis, it began its editions in 2016, but the Covid-19 pandemic delayed the scheduled appointment in 2020 and later in 2021.
The Cuba 2.0 Food Fair aims to become a space for alliances in pursuit of the development of the sector, where new economic actors occupy a relevant space.