A little more than a year after the implementation of the Organisation Task, Acopio Cienfuegos is consolidating its export pole based on a new management model, with the operation of the Unidad Empresarial de Base (UEB) Venta en Frontera y Exportaciones.

During a recent meeting with delegates to the Provincial Assembly of the Communist Party of Cuba, Yankiel Hechavarría Castellanos, general director of Acopio Cienfuegos, explained that this UEB is the only one of its kind in Cuba, with the function of coordinating and coordinating business intentions for foreign trade, both in agriculture and in the food and light industries, among others.

Through a permanent working group with the Carlos Rafael Rodriguez University, they designed all the schemes and flows of the pole, where specialists from various branches such as Economic Sciences, Social Communicators, and Computer, Mechanical and Agricultural Engineering took part.

The manager said that the UEB is made up of the administrative modules or wholesale warehouse, the processing plant and the auxiliary service and meat processing units.

He pointed out that they still have to finish the meat processing centre, with slaughterhouse, sanitary slab, chopping and packing room, as this is one of the lines with the highest demand in the domestic market in national currency (MN) and freely convertible currency (MLC).

The fundamental destinations of the UEB’s food combos are consumers in the main city, with the home distribution service MercaHogar ─en MN─, as well as specialised sales to hostels and paladares through MercaHostal, the network of foreign currency shops, clients abroad and the Mariel Special Development Zone, all of this through an electronic payment platform.

Hechavarría Castellanos pointed out that these transformations provide greater autonomy and offer the capacity to link up with new economic actors, such as the MSMEs Tropical Jagua, Carbón Perla Negra and Villa Lagarto, with the latter building a ranchón to provide food and recreational services to organisations.

Similarly, he stressed, we have the opportunity to link directly with farmers, for example, 64 tenants have in their hands the retail network of placitas and markets.

In addition, 80 producers have already received income on their MLC cards and other resources – truck rentals, electric motorbikes, freezing chambers – as a result of commercial relations with the entity.

Among the benefits of the UEB are also the approach of foreign clients to producers and the identification of items to promote linkages in the territory and other provinces, including charcoal, Persian lime, habanero peppers, mango, frozen cassava, said the specialist.

The challenge, concluded Hechavarría Catellanos, is to execute the model efficiently and respond to the interests of the territory.

Acopio Cienfuegos is one of the 56 companies in the country approved for export and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce, and is also expanding its portfolio of clients and suppliers, while opening two commercial offices, one in Santiago de Cuba and the other in Havana.