Cuba’s Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Business Group (BioCubaFarma) is committed to increasing its production capacity through an extensive investment programme, which this year includes the creation of new facilities and the recapitalisation of others.

Santiago Dueñas Carrera, director of investment and maintenance at the institution, said that the programme is in line with the organisation’s projection until 2030, and as part of the strategy they currently have more than 200 projects underway.

He explained that in 2022 they will start up six new production lines along with the recapitalisation of some units, with the aim of increasing the regulatory standard of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, the efficiency of processes and technological transformation.
They plan to complete some twenty construction projects, including the injectable antibiotics plant at Empresa Farmacéutica 8 de Marzo, a cream and ointment plant, and new formulation and filling lines at Empresa Laboratorios AICA, he said.

In addition, starting this year, a new BTV half-tube filling line will begin work at the National Biopreparations Centre, an oral contraceptive plant at Medsol Laboratories and another for N95 masks at Combiomed.

Dueñas Carrera explained that in 2021 they also developed a comprehensive investment programme that included the materialisation of facilities dedicated to the fight against COVID-19.

He specified that during this time the construction of the CIGB-Mariel Biotechnological Industrial Complex was completed, the largest and highest standard investment since the creation of BioCubaFarma, as well as the completion of five new plants and six production lines, a record annual figure for the Business Group.
Among the production lines put into operation are the swab and sanitary mask factories of the Cuban Neuroscience Centre, the oral rehydration salts plant of the Oriente Pharmaceutical Laboratory, and the packaging line of the biosensors plant of the Immunoassay Centre.
The recapitalised production facilities include the ampoule formulation and filling plant and the Adalberto Pesant serum and plasma derivatives plant at AICA Laboratories, as well as the EPOVAC plant at the Molecular Immunology Centre.

BioCubaFarma is a business organisation that researches, develops, produces and markets medicines, diagnostic systems, equipment and high-tech services, based on scientific and technical development aimed at improving the health of the population, the generation of exportable goods and services, and advanced technologies in food production.