Cuba’s Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) reaches its 28th anniversary immersed in the recovery of the sector after the ravages of two years of pandemic.

On the occasion, the Cuban minister of tourism, Juan Carlos García Granda, via his Twitter account, highlighted the work of “those who have contributed to the development of the sector during these 28 years”. “We feel very honoured to belong to it,” he said.

The Mintur was created on 21 April 1994 as part of the process of measures to deal with the so-called Special Period, which hit the Caribbean island in the 1990s.

After the collapse of the socialist camp, the Cuban government sought to reduce the number of Central State Administration bodies and adapt their functions to the prevailing conditions. This led to the extinction of the National Tourism Institute (Intur) and the subsequent creation of the current ministry.

Throughout these years, the continuous work of the Mintur workers allowed the consolidation of this sector as one of the main drivers of the Cuban economy; it also made it possible for Cuba, before the pandemic, to exceed four million foreign visitors.

Travel Trade Caribbean congratulates all the workers of the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba and wishes them success in the reactivation of the industry on the island.