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May 14 2020

From Belgium ask for Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban doctors

An online campaign launched by the Belgian association Cubanismo.be calls for the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Cuban medical brigades fighting against COVID-19 on various continents. According to the call launched today by the organization founded two decades ago: “The island shows the world in these times of coronavirus what true solidarity is, by sending health professionals to the entire world. Even the richest region in Italy, Lombardy, has been able to count on your concrete support ”. The petition has already been signed by around 170 people, despite the fact that the campaign was just launched, said the president of the Belgian association, Isabelle Vanbrabant. “We have to do more promotion, because our goal is to achieve broad support,” she said. “Let’s not forget that Cuba has an economy 10 times smaller than that of Belgium and that it suffers from a criminal economic and financial blockade imposed by the United States, which literally deprives its people of oxygen,” Cubanismo.be warned. In this sense, she recalled that the siege of Washington reaches the point of preventing the largest of the Antilles from buying respiratory devices, key equipment to treat the most serious patients with this disease. For Cubanismo.be, the island shows with its solidarity that a world of cooperation for well-being is possible, and that there is an alternative to the world of fierce competition for the enjoyment of a few. With information from Prensa Latina